Flash Fic: Exepel's Diary

This was done for a history assignment where I had to write a journal entry from the perspective of a child during the great depression. This actually turned out to be a decent short story like idea. Please do enjoy and tell me what you think. 

June 15th 1933, Exepel’s Diary

“It will be over soon..” Thats what the adults say at least, just the other day in the food lines. The depression has been going on for some time now. Kids are forced to grow up early, to take on responsibilities that are not meant for them. Its clear here on the streets, that its a fight for survival. The adults are starting to lose faith that things will ever get better. Kids are dropping out of school, Welfare programs are through the roof, yet nothing is changing. Its all getting worse. The dusty hue the sky takes on is like that of a dark omen set above us all. Is this the fall? There are people dying on a daily basis, due to lack of necessities…I even saw a man kill himself while standing in a food line… I don’t know how much longer this can last. Every food shipment that reaches here is never enough to feed us all. Our parents give their food to us, in the hopes that we might live longer. A foolish decision in this fight for survival.

Another day passes in the streets. We are forced to steal…The younger you are the easier you can get away with it, so we are told. This is like a matter of a hell on earth as I hear another gunshot and another man falls to the ground. I don’t dare to turn around to see who it was. Mr.Parsons, Mrs.Finch? Nobody seems to care. Which makes total sense. It happens every day once rich business men dwindled down to nothing. They think the world revolves around them, but as soon as they pull the trigger people just step on by till the rats come out to feast. I look down and see a trickle of blood from around my shoe. I step past along my way. Back home with a loaf of bread under my shirt and a box of band-aids in my jeans. Its just another day in this hell. When it ends no one will know.
-Diedrich Exepel.

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