Here is a page containing my poetry works before this blog was created. I strongly hope you do enjoy the poems.

Snow Day Blues

five centimeters per second the snow falls down,
a look of peace hardly found.
the snow glimmers white in the moons shroud,
The speckled patterns on the ground.

Its something I can not explain,
I see the snow and forget all my pain.
the lights on my dark side, the yin an yan
truly show in this wonderland.

The sense of peace washes over me,
looking through my eyes upon what I see.
I wish you were here to see this to,
Something to see for me and you.

Midnight In Blue

The night is falling so am I into a slumber I close my eyes.
Fallen again to the nights own guise.
Away from the world I am torn.

To the hall of Dreams the lines of reality seem to fleet.
In the distance I hear the sound
light comes from the doors around.
I step inside not my self.
A ball room full of light and cheer.
The people in the masks they wear.
They sing they dance they drink.

Romance Something I know little of.

On the balcony I look down only to see something Hardly found.
A women of such beauty seems, to take my soul away from me.
Into the hands I place mine, we dance all night time just fly’s.
Caught in the frays of time. The steps the tune and the rhyme.

The night is young and so they have said.
Only to short it seemed instead.
A sudden rush of blood to my head.
The alarm seems to blare it all.
I want nothing more then to ignore its call.

To stay here suspended in time.
with the beauty Belle and mine.
But alas my soul comes back to day.
Back to the world I must stay.

I wake up and feel my face.
A diffrent person in my place…

Kingdom By The Sea

I look around this place every day, Nothing ever seems to change.
The sky seems red compared to your blue eyes all look telling me I’m screwed.
Well here’s to you here’s to me maybe one day you will see.
the world thought my eyes. Past all the fear and through the lies.
Generations before the stone, still this place is my home.
Still I’m here to weave your tome, Still I’m here to take it all

I need to take the mask off, I need to get back to myself.
I need to fall off this shelf. I need to rise back above.
The world was at my fingertips. Now a push now a shove
Back in the fight I want to be, Back to earth I must see.

So forget me not this time around. This time I’ll wear the crown.
This time I’ll take you down. I’ll rise above again to trace, my former self
the unmasked face. I hope your ready its time to fly, once again this world is mine.
I’ll kick back and take my time. One day it will fall in line.
One day you will see me…One day my throne will be….
Just between you and me in my kingdom by the sea.

Lust is but a dream the lines of the borders and the seams.
The waves are crashing ever faster. The rocks wear away.
I will be back one day, here I am here to stay.
Tell me what you have to say, tell me once you be
forever with me in my kingdom by the sea.

I will wait again once more safe and sound from the worlds own storm
Waiting here on my own safe shore. In this kingdom by the sea….
 July 10th Stormy

The time and space between you and I is some something I would kill rather then lie.So here I lay the sky so gray. dismal is the rain that may fall today. Time races on so do I with in the watch of the worlds own eyes. A mysterious guise may trace its roots to the raindrops that fell on the roof. Much like my heart they fell aloof. I sit here looking at this page as the rain falls outside to set the stage. Like magic drops of inspiration. Each one falls to its destination. I look outside to a dazzling display like tears of the gods may fall today. I know tears of mourning will fall one day. Back to the place I now lay. Looking up at the sky so gray. I’ll wait here for you, will you find me one day….Or by then will it be to late?

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