Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sorry I have not been around

For those who read this blog, I have been tied up with school and so on I have forgotten to write. Thankfully I am graduating tomorrow so I will not have to deal with the notion of school again for a while. However this means I will need to find employment or some form of income so as it were I am around again to get back to writing. Still as a hobby since its fun and mind boggling at times.

Next topic: My present Idea ("Love Bites")
Based in a society where Vampires and Humans co-exist on peaceful terms but love between a vampire and a human is strictly forbidden. In essence its the story of how Diedrich Escobar falls for a vampire he meets one day but something happens to put him in critical condition. The vampire (I'm leaning toward calling Ceres) decides it is in his best interest and in the interest of her own feelings to "Change" him into one of her own. Naturally the wrong people (There is a section of the government that is devoted to keeping the peace and the relations of vampires under control) get wind of Ceres's actions and the two have to go on the run completely and totally leaving their former lives behind for each other.

-As you can tell there are plot holes that I am working on such as how they meet. Exactly who they are what causes Diedrich to almost die, and so on.-

Now for the fun part I am beginning a new idea for vampires in which they when changed go through a painful 12 day period in which the chemicals in their skin causes them to become very pale. The key to vampirisim in this case is the a vampire can exist for three hours in direct sunlight. But not with out a cost. The cost being that after hour one their flesh starts to burn (Like a sunburn) that results after the third hour in them being completely charred. Thus allowing vampires to live seemingly normal lives.

So these are the updates :D

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