Friday, April 13, 2012

New story idea I am working on: Monarch

This is something I have been kicking around for a while now. I dont know if I will make a story blog of it but none the less I have put some thought into it. With regards to characters and so on.

QNA time:

-Whats the general idea?-
In short terms its based on a thief set in industrial revolution era England. More specifically Liverpool.

-Why a thief?-
Good question, I guess the main character (Possible name: Curtis Valentine) finds that the world outside is not what he was raised to think it was. So he takes to the streets after figuring out how to break out of his families home.

-How doe he break out?-
I have yet to come up with this. I am thinking his parents pass away and he finds a hidden tunnel under his house that leads to a secret place in town.

-How old is Curtis?-
At the beginning of the story he is roughly 16.

-Do you have a name for the story?-
Right now I am thinking Monarch, simply because after Curt establishes himself he is seen wearing a mask that looks like a monarch butterfly.

That is about all for now.

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